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November 23, 2016

Just A Minute goes... panto!

I've been wondering if JAM might do some more shows before the end of the year - and here's the answer - Radio Four plans a Just A Minute pantomime.

From the BBC page...

Radio 4 says: "Just A Minute is 50 years old next year, and what better way to kick off the celebrations by combining the longest-running panel show with another great British institution - the pantomime! In Just A Minute Does Panto! Nicholas Parsons is joined by Just A Minute regulars Paul Merton and Gyles Brandreth as they journey through Panto-land in search of the missing Just A Minute Golden Whistle.
"Their companions on their quest include Katherine Ryan, Rufus Hound and Shelia Hancock. There'll be adventure, genies, panto dames, goodies, baddies, and audience participation. But above all, at the heart of it, a cracking game of the much loved comedy show, Just A Minute."
Nicholas Parsons adds: "I've been presenting Just A Minute for 50 years and I've appeared in many pantomimes during that time. These factors combined we have created a festive edition of our iconic show without hesitation, repetition or deviation. Oh yes we have!"
Just A Minute Does Panto! will air on Christmas Day at 1:15pm.