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January 08, 2006

The first in the new season

The first on the 2006 winter season (British winter) featured Paul Merton, Graham Norton, Gyles Brandreth and Sue Perkins. There was lots of banter, possibly too much as it didn't leave much time for too many good laughs. But I thought Gyles put in one of his best performances, a good fruity display. And Paul and Graham and Sue were good as always.

Paul joins Clement, Tim Rice and Stephen Fry next Monday - then Clement, Tony Hawks, Julian Clary and Kate Robbins making her debut the week after that. Kate's brother Ted did one TV edition of the show - the first brother/sister combo in the show's history.


Blogger Ani said...

Nice ratings. My favourite are the old-timers Clement Freud, Kenneth Williams and Peter Jones. I remember Stephen Fry from a season in 1997/8, but lately I haven't heard him on radio yet. Hope he still joins in the running show occasionally.

2:57 am  
Blogger Ani said...

Nice ratings. My favourites are the old-times Clement Freud, Kenneth Williams and Peter Jones. And of course, the tortured Nicholas Parsons. I can't imagine anyone else as the chairman. Stephen Fry made an impression in the 1997/8 season as well, but now I hardly hear him on JAM. Hope he is joining in the running series.

2:59 am  

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