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March 13, 2006

Kenneth on TV!

The TV network BBC4 is having a Kenneth Williams night on Monday night.

The programmes on offer are...

7:00 pm Round the Horne... Revisited - Original scripts for the cult 1960s radio show adapted for television by Brian Cooke, the only surviving writer from the Round the Horne quartet, with the original cast played by actors.

8:30 pm Kenneth Williams in His Own Words - Drawing from the extensive BBC archive of footage from Williams' long career, this film allows a unique comedy talent and much-loved performer to tell his own story in his own words.

9:00 pm Kenneth Williams: Fantabulosa! - Michael Sheen stars in this drama adapted from Kenneth Williams' own diaries; a behind the scenes look at one of Britain's most popular, and tragic, comic performers. Some strong language.

10:20 pm Jackanory - The Dribblesome Teapots: From 1969 to 1986, Kenneth Williams presented 69 episodes of the children's story series, including this classic from 1978 written by Norman Hunter.

10:35 pm Reputations: Kenneth Williams - 1/2. Seriously Outrageous: Two-part documentary exploring the eccentric actor Kenneth Williams, a man who hid his unhappiness by creating humour from misery.

11:35 pm Reputations: Kenneth Williams - 2/2. Desperately Funny: The second of a two-part documentary following Williams through his days on the Carry On films, the chat show years, and to his mysterious death. Some strong language.

sounds like it's worth a walk all the way from Great Portland Street to see - after all the man's a cult, and we all need a chance to see that spun golden hair again...

I have seen the Reputations programmes and if you haven't, regard this as a must - an outstanding doco on Kenneth's life including rare clips from the unbroadcast JAM TV pilot that Kenneth made - and of Derek Nimmo doing a very good impression of Kenneth at his best/worst!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes I would have to agree that this hasn't been the best season ever.

One or two episodes were especially dull and lacked any content which casued me to laugh relentlessly at the dinner table.


9:35 am  

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