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August 01, 2006

this week's show

Was certainly the funniest of the season so far - because Paul Merton was at his brilliant best. Paul is by some distance the best of the current players of the game and was outstanding on his life as a tattooist and talking about his boyfriend kept in Clement's fridge, while supposedly discussing the London Marathon.

This led to something that I have never heard on the show before - the subject was changed in the middle of the round! Nicholas has sometimes added to the subject mid-round but never changed it before. In this case the subject for the last four seconds became "Simon", supposedly the name of Paul's boyfriend.

I thought Julian Clary was particularly good. He has been in great form in the two Greenwich shows.

Next week Ross Noble and Tim Rice are the guests - should be good!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree :)

The Edinburgh Fringe recordings take place on the 16th (I think).

2:41 am  
Blogger ceci n'est pas mon nom said...

As an expat(as you?)fan of "JAM", I'm surprised and charmed by your blog, and your incredible knowledge of the programme. I teach English at university in France, and sometimes use JAM in my lessons - with my best students of course! Goes down great: makes me wonder if it's ever been adapted for non-English radio. Do you know?

3:38 am  
Blogger Dean said...

Yes there is a version of the show in Swedish! I forget its name for the moment...

4:55 am  

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