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November 20, 2007

New Years Eve Special and Panel News

okay some big news - there is going to be a Just A Minute special, on December 31st.

As I understand it, and my information is second-hand, it will include some clips from old shows, some comments from current players, and some special rounds being recorded at the three recordings being done before the end of the year. It sounds like there wll be some appropriate anniversary topics for the various panels to talk on that will be played only on this special. Nicholas Parsons is fronting the whole thing.

Apparently the BBC nixed a special show similar to what happened for the 35th on expense grounds. Brits will know the BBC is going through a downsizing at the moment and at much the same time Radio is marking the 40th anniversary of Radio Four, and the 50th anniversary of Today, BBC Radio's main news programme.

So they are doing this special on the cheap, it seems. But I repeat, my info is second-hand so some detail may be wrong.

And lined up already for one or more of the three recordings - Sir Clement Freud, Paul Merton, Tony Hawks, Kit Hesketh-Harvey, Gyles Brandreth, Chris Neill, Sue Perkins, Phill Jupitus and Josie Lawrence (not sure who for which recording yet).

Josie is a newcomer. She is probably best known for her 10 years as a regular on Whose Line Is It Anyway, but has spent 20 years as a regular improviser with the Comedy Store Players, and 10 years or so with the Royal Shakespeare Company. She's one of those people who annoyingly "have it all", a brilliant dramatic actress, a wonderful singer - she improvises wonderful songs, a great comedienne and also gorgeous as hell. I've wanted her on JAM for years - most of her Comedy Store colleagues have done the show - Richard Vranch, Neil Mullarkey, Lee Simpson, Jim Sweeney and of course Paul - but I'm told she has been nervous about it in the past. It seems that's the view of many who are asked!

So I think all that sounds like good news!


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