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January 01, 2008

40 years special - blogged live!

I thought I'd blog the special live to give you my thoughts as I hear it for the first time...

I should say I'm just mildly excited - not least to see if any of my suggestions have made the cut! I gave some suggestions to the producer at her request - you can see what I picked if you scroll back through the archive.

Here we go...

the old Minute Waltz version from the 80s kicks things off, and here's Nicholas. Says it's been his "great privilege and sheer delight" to preside over JAM.

* Sheila Hancock on "curry", with Kenneth Williams, Alfred Marks and Peter Jones, from the last Classic version.

* Kenneth in great voice and Nicholas impersonating him.

* Graham Norton on socks and his lovely Clinton pussy joke.

* Ross Noble going the full 60 counting chickens.

Now Paul Merton saying he loves doing JAM, says he pinches himself that he is involved in it.

Graham Norton saying there's so much love for the show. Says it's inexplicable people follow it so thoroughly. "It's proper theatre!"

Now posing "why Just A Minute has lasted so long" - it's a clip from the 35th anniversary show, with Graham, Paul, Clement (first time we've heaed him) and Sheila all making contributions.

Nicholas now talking about Ian Messiter and the story about him at school devising the game.

Now Kenny Everett on marbles on his only appearance and having to keep going despite breaking all the rules.

Former producer Chris Neill now, says he loved being in charge of a classic show and working with Paul, Kenneth, Derek, Peter, Clement ad Linda Smith who he say beside on his first show.

Now Linda Smith on answering back and being very funny. Sad to think she died so young, she really was one of the best ever on the show.

Paul now talking about how he first came on the show, says Ted Taylor then the producer was warning Paul about his behaviour! He says he used to record JAM and listen to it on tape!

Here's one of my picks - Paul going the full 60 seconds on flying saucers!

Graham paying tribute to Clement, saying having him there is terrific. Says he is quite competitive.

Now Clement on why I love every one of you, being funny and quirky.

Clement on answering back! "Shan't!"

Clement on "why I love Just A Minute!" He says "I actually prefer I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue".

Graham now paying tribute to Nicholas - says he really makes the show. He loves his relationship with the panellists.

Clement now on parbuckles and a fairly typical fight between Kenneth and Nicholas! Derek challenging, first time we have heard his voice (we've only heard a brief interjection so far from Peter Jones). Derek getting stuck into Nicholas!

Stephen Fry now being rude to Nicholas from a show I recommended to the Beeb!

Derek again, with Paul challenging him on "meedevil"!

Stephen Fry again, with Paul chiming in!

Julian Clary saying Nicholas has never missed a show.

Gyles Brandreth now, saying he first encountered the show 38 years ago, he says he loved working with Peter Jones in the early days.

Derek speaking and Clement interrupting on "the brownies". Derek teasing Clement for being so slow and ponderous.

Peter now on "wrong numbers", one of his best bits. Stephen challenging him.

Kenneth on "advice to a 21-year-old girl" in great style. Bob Monkhouse challenging him now.

Nicholas summing up "40 years of warmth, wit, whimsy and repartee".

Peter Jones again on "my pleasure". Tommy Trinder challenges.

Jenny Eclair on "a bodice ripper". Gyles challenging and praising Jenny's breasts.

Barry Took tapping away on Spanish dancing.

Paul on "Achilles heel", with Stephen having great fun in a challenge.

Bob Monkhouse now on "my happiest holiday".

Tony Hawks now (first time we've heard him) on "bubble and squeak". Clement interrupts and Tony comes back well.

Nicholas says "spontaneous improvised comedy is the most exciting from of entertainment", and off again goes the Minute Waltz!

Produced by Carol Smith and Tilusha Ghelani.

Well! I really enjoyed that! Well done Carol and Tilusha.

Interesting no comments from Clement... just some very good clips.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed it, would have liked more of Peter Jones and Tony Hawks though.


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