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June 06, 2008

Just A Classic Minute 5

is due for release on 10 July. As I've mentioned previously the introes to each of the classic eppies are being shared this time between Nicholas and Paul Merton. I can't wait to hear Paul's views on the four originals - he is a very interesting analyst of comedy as well as being a great practitioner. Hearing his assessment of the comedy of Kenneth Williams will be worth the price of the CD alone for me.

The four classic eppies are

* a 1970s show with the gang of four - Sir Clement Freud, Kenneth Williams, Peter Jones and Derek Nimmo

* a 1982 show featuring Clement, Kenneth, Barry Cryer and Libby Purves

* a 1983 show featuring Clement, Kenneth, Peter and Miles Kington

* a 1998 show featuring Clement, Peter, Paul Merton and Maureen Lipman

Again an interesting selection, especially if you're a fan of Clement or Kenneth or Peter ... I can't wait!


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