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November 24, 2008


I am up to date again with transcripts, with the last season now done and also a "missing" show from 1982 added. I now have 736 transcripts up. Thanks very much to Martin Hood for helping me with CDs of the shows.

The 1982 show means I now have a complete run of the last 30 years, the oldest missing show now being from 1978. I am missing just 13 shows from the first decade, and three TV editions from 1995.

Thanks again to Martin.


Blogger Curly said...

From another overseas JAM fan to another, thanks for your incredible work in cataloging so much of the show. If I could make one small suggestion, could you remove the final sentence in the Who's Who "How she did" of the sadly departed Linda Smith? It's a bit cruel to her fans to suggest that she will be back for more, as it gets our hopes up before memory reminds us otherwise.

5:07 pm  

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