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February 09, 2010


Just did a quick count of appearances in the past year - since Clement's death. Newbies are bolded...

Paul Merton - 18 shows
Gyles Brandreth, Sue Perkins - 8 shows each
Tony Hawks, Graham Norton - 6 shows each
Pam Ayres, Charles Collingwood, Jenny Eclair, Josie Lawrence - 4 shows each
Julian Clary, Stephen Fry, Dave Gorman, Kit Hesketh-Harvey, Shappi Khorsandi, David Mitchell, Justin Moorhouse, Chris Neill, Tim Rice, Liza Tarbuck - 2 shows each
Janey Godley, Richard Herring, Mike McShane, Pauline McLynn, Paul Sinha, Suki Webster - 1 show each

At 8 out of 22 shows, Gyles and Sue aren't exactly "regulars" - but I think the list suggests Claire Jones has tried to consolidate around reliable players in the wake of Clement's passing. Also women are taking a larger proportion of the places - 27 out of 88 seats.


Anonymous Ian said...

Linked into this, with Clement's passing, who's the 'oldest' player who still appears? (Not old as in age, but old as in first appearance.) Paul is probably old guard now (1988?) but how about Tim Rice, etc.? Who's now the longest serving who still appears?

8:44 am  
Blogger Dean said...

hello Ian. have posted in reposne to this on the blog

9:18 am  

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