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November 11, 2010


Some numbers that may be of interest.

* this year, 2010, the BBC will have aired 26 fresh radio episodes of JAM. This is the highest number since 1973 when 32 shows were put to air. There were also 26 shows in 1975.

I suspect this will be a temporary blip caused by the transition from 2 longish seasons to 3 shorter ones. But still... 26 weeks of the year we had fresh jam. A very good number.

* Later this season, Claire Jones will pass Sir David Hatch to become the show’s most prolific producer. Claire has produced the show, on and off, for 10 years. If not quite as influential as Sir David, it’s been her job to adjust to the deaths of Derek, Peter and Clement.

* In three weeks there will have been 750 radio editions, and a couple of weeks later there will have been 800 JAMs in total – including the TV versions. As Nicholas has never missed a show, that will also be his 800th appearance.

* Paul Merton also passes 250 shows this season.

We’re still a week and a bit away from the November 22nd recording. I’m tipping a panel of Paul, Gyles, Graham and a woman, perhaps someone new. I know they have been trying to convince Jo Brand to do the show. If not her, maybe Josie Lawrence or Suki Webster or Josie Long?


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