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April 20, 2011

transcribing and the website

Whew! I've finally got up to date again with my show transcriptions after being out of date for more than a year. I've done 18 in the past month - a marathon effort, but I really wanted to get these up to date again.

I'm not sure that there are many people reading through all the transcripts but I there is some demand, no doubt. The email correspondence I get often refers to the transcripts and thanks me, and once or twice every season I get letters from English as a Second Language teachers saying they heard today's programme and would I immediately send them the transcript, so they can use them in tomorrow's class, as if these things happen with the snap of fingers.

The transcripts are written in much the same way as I have done them now for 12 years. I listen, I play a few seconds, I pause, I type what I heard. I do each show in four parts. I do seven minutes at a time and each sitting takes about an hour or slightly less than that. They are by no means perfect. I am not a perfect listener and far more importantly, I am a very poor two-fingered typist. The transcripts get spell-checked but I don't always check geographic names. So transcripts will contain mistakes. If you spot mistakes in spelling, feel free to let me know. But don't be too hard on me. I once had a person complain about how often I left two spaces between words rather than just one. If this is the sort of error that gets your heart racing, you'd better find another website. I'm a lousy typist, I admit it.

In a way now that all the shows are so widely available on the Internet, the transcripts are less important than they once were. You don't need to read the older shows - you can download them and listen to them as they were intended to be enjoyed. Still I expect I will continue to try and keep these up to date. I am expecting the show to resume again at the end of this run of The Unbelievable Truth, ie, in just three weeks time. So I am not going to get much of a rest.

My next project is a new stat which was suggested to me by a correspondent. It will take a while to bring together. After that I might have a look at some of the bits that haven't been updated for a while... we shall see.


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