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June 04, 2011

next season

The BBC has announced recording dates for the next season - it looks like we will get FOUR seasons this year, with 28 shows! Certainly a vote of confidence in the show.

They're going to be a recording on Tuesday 28th June and Wednesday 6th July at the Radio Theatre, Broadcasting House, London. Then again recording on Thursday 14th July at the Garrick Theatre, Castle Dyke, Lichfield, as part of the Lichfield Arts Festival. And finally recording on Sunday 14th August at the Edinburgh Festival.

So the current season finishes on June 20. There's then six fresh shows of I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue, and JAM resumes - it seems for eight shows - on August 8th. I'm guessing it will then be six shows of something else - probably The Unbelievable Truth, before we get more JAM in November/December.

It's slightly odd to be already halfway through the current season. The three shows so far have been very good I think. Stephen Fry and Sue Perkins were a top team this week, but I think the Paul-Jenny Eclair-Josie Lawrence-Graham Norton team is my current favourite. In just three recordings we have heard most of the top players this season and it has certainly made for very good radio.


Blogger David Nichols said...

Dean, I am travelling to the UK in September and I had a wild fantasy I might get to see a JAM recording then. It sounds like my dream will not come true, if I'm reading your schedules correctly.
By the way as you may know the ABC here is playing old JAMs at 5:30 on a Tuesday morning (!). A couple of months ago I heard in this slot what I later realised was the very first JAM - the pilot, in fact. Very interesting, also very unfunny, but I was intrigued to discover that even on the very first JAM the jokes about 'deviation' were rife.

3:56 pm  
Blogger Dean said...

yes I think you might not be lucky in September - in October, you have a chance!

7:35 pm  

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