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August 16, 2011

does experience matter

Contrasts in the make-up of the teams for the first two shows of this season.

The first show featured Paul Merton, Tony Hawks, Sheila Hancock and Graham Norton, the four most experienced players of the game that are still alive. The result was a really outstanding show full of fun and good banter. Sheila in particular I thought was outstanding. I might write a separate post on her but I thought she really offers something fresh.

The second show featured Julian Clary, Josie Lawrence, Phill Jupitus and Rick Wakeman. Julian was the most experienced with 39 shows, Josie was on her 11th, Phill 4th, Rick 3rd - so an inexperienced panel. I thought the players sounded like they were having fun and there were some good lines, but the thing didn't quite get going, the programme never established a flow.

I have a feeling there has never been a really good show without at least one of these four - Kenneth Williams, Peter Jones, Paul Merton or Graham Norton. They need someone of that ability to anchor the show. I wondered if Julian might be the one, but he wasn't quite strong enough. The best player I think was Josie, and she can only get better. She needs to learn to be not quite so picky on repetitions, for example.


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