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November 02, 2011


The Guardian is reporting that as part of the 45 year celebrations, JAM will record shows in India.

BBC Radio 4 panel show Just A Minute is to go to India for its 45th anniversary next year – but the future of The Archers spin-off Ambridge Extra is in doubt.
Radio 4 controller Gwyneth Williams said long-running Just A Minute panellist Paul Merton and its chairman Nicholas Parsons would travel to India for the special edition of the show.
She said it was hugely popular in India with "clubs there who play the game with a fantastic passion".
It remains to be seen how the change of scene will come across on radio for the show, which will also transfer to BBC2 to mark next year's anniversary.


Anonymous Robin said...

With the intention of recording JAM in India, I sense Gyles would go with Nicholas and Paul.

Just a feeling, I've.

3:20 am  

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