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March 23, 2012

JAM on The One Show

Here's Nicholas Parsons, Tony Hawks and Gyles Brandreth promoting the JAM TV series on The One Show


Anonymous Sebastian X said...

It is great news that the TV-makers have got that JAM needs to be done as a radio-show-on-the-TV. However, watching the preview clip within that video, when Paul Merton was speaking, it was cutting from camera-shot to camera-shot every one or two seconds. If they do that all the time, it will ruin it. Even that short clip, I found it irritating, and it was a phase the BBC went through with Glastonbury a few years back, of perpetual camera-cuts that made viewing unpleasent. If it is typical, I think I will be listening to the TV series, as to me that frenetic cutting would make it unwatchable.

9:09 am  

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