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August 16, 2012

being new

When Claire Jones took over producing Just A Minute, Peter Jones had just died and it was a year since Derék Nimmo's death. Over the following couple of years she brought in some newcomers who have gone on to become regular guests in the show - Sue Perkins, Ross Noble, Liza Tarbuck, Chris Neill and Charles Collingwood were all introduced in this time and all are still associated with the programme. She also brought back Sheila Hancock, Wendy Richard and Gyles Brandreth, all but Wendy being successful.

But since then, they've continued to bring in new people but it's proved far more difficult to make the splash necessary to go on with it.

Here's a list of people to have debuted in the past 10 years. There's a lot of people here. But only a few have done more than 10 shows. Is it too hard for people to break into the JAM family?

17 shows: Marcus Brigstocke
15 shows: Josie Lawrence
12 shows: Shappi Khorsandi
7 shows: Alun Cochrane
6 shows: Janey Godley (includes one not yet aired), Phill Jupitus, Pauline McLynn
5 shows: Dave Gorman, Miles Jupp (includes one not yet aired), Dara O'Briain
4 shows: Chris Addison, Jack Dee, Ian McMillan, David Mitchell, Justin Moorhouse, Victor Spinetti, Rick Wakeman
3 shows: Bill Bailey, Rob Brydon, Richard Herring, Owen O'Neill, Paul Sinha
2 shows: Cyrus Broacha, Jason Byrne (includes one not yet aired), Kevin Eldon, Rhod Gilbert, Fi Glover, Jason Manford, Mike McShane, Anuvab Pal, Kate Robbins, Terry Wogan
1 show: Stephen K Amos, John Bishop, Hugh Bonneville, Hannibal Buress (not yet aired), Jo Caulfield, Lynn Ferguson, Robin Ince, Ruth Jones, Russell Kane, Sean Lock, Lee Mack, Stephen Mangan, Russell Tovey, Tim Vine (not yet aired), Suki Webster

and here's another question

who from that list would you like to hear on the show more often, maybe even get into the next level of regular guests? Just pick four (and let's not include Marcus, Josie and Shappi, they're already at that level).

For me my four would be Chris Addison, John Bishop, Russell Kane, Lee Mack and David Mitchell.

What? I can't count? Hey, I'm running this show! :)


Blogger Andrew Sherman said...

David Mitchell, Stephen K Amos, Dara O'Briain, Bill Bailey

I was listening to a 2005 show this week, and Sue was on. Nowadays she is one of the top 5 players of the game, but in 2005 she was... just OK. She tried to be surreal, like Paul, and it didn't really work. I think it just takes a long tome to be good at it. Another example is that although Marcus Brigstocke, Josie Lawrence and Shappi Khorsandi are not top players, they so seem to be getting better, slowly.

11:49 am  
Blogger Dean said...

thanks - good comments!

2:36 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've noticed that HIGNFY has been thrashing around in a similar fashion with many of the same guests, none of which I've found terribly compelling. I quite like Stephen Mangan, he can be as erudite as Stephen Fry, but without the smug tosser-ocity.

11:54 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recently listened to an old show on radio4xtra and found it was produced by Chris Neill .....i wonder if this is how he got a food in the door so to speak :) .....Marie

8:47 am  
Anonymous Leslie S said...

David Mitchell is my choice for JAM chairman sometime in 2024 when Nicholas retires at 100 not out. As David's the only one I know clever enough to keep a grip on it, able to withstand insane amounts of personal teasing, and strong enough to bring everyone back into line.
And Tuesday I've tickets for 45 years of JAM at Pottersrow in Edinburgh, so I'm a very happy bunny

9:05 am  

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