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December 15, 2012

recording tomorrow

JAM kicks off recordings for the new series in London on Saturday.

I am told that Paul Merton, Gyles Brandreth and Josie Lawrence will do both shows, with Alun Cochrane doing one show and an interesting newcomer called Tim FitzHigham in the second.

But the show isn't coming back till February. So I will try and do my annual performer ranking in the next day or so.


Blogger dagi said...

It's a little disappointing that the new series is so far away. This seems to be an unusually long gap between programmes.

Let's have more blog postings please, this site has gone a little quiet!

9:33 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The cast for both of Saturday's shows was Paul, Gyles, Alun and Stephen Mangan. Paul did a magnificent minute. Gyles kept mentioning how he had to do well pointwise in the show because his godson was in the audience. Then just as Nicholas was about to wrap things up, Gyles is looking at his mobile phone and mock angrily exclaims 'My godson's just texted me that he's on his way, so I told him to f**k off!'
It got a huge laugh but with 4 young teenagers on the front row, Tilusha said she would have to cut it out.
Both shows were a two horse race- Paul having mock mini strops at Gyles, while Gyles was like a member of the aristocracy on speed. Very funny. Funniest thing of all was when the audience had to judge which of Gyles' and Paul's impersonations of Liberace was the better of the two.
Audience loved it.

6:44 am  

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