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January 19, 2014

JAM panel news

was Paul Merton, Sheila Hancock, Josie Lawrence and Richard Herring.

I'm sure we are all delighted to have Sheila and Josie back again, and Richard seems to adore doing the show. He's tweeted though that Nicholas was poorly but continued on - let's hope he makes a quick recovery!

Some bits from Richard Herring's twitter after the show, with contributions from fellow JAMmers Josie Lawrence and Rebecca Front...

Josie Lawrence: Great fun recording Just A Minute tonight.

Richard Herring: lovely to work with you. A huge fan of you (and everyone tonight). Thanks for being a great table mate!

Josie: A pleasure to sit next to you - you're smashing. x

Richard: Recorded 2 eps of Just A Minute tonight. Always terrified I will break it by being rubbish, but it's robust enough to cope! Paul Merton, Josie Lawrence, an extraordinarily witty Sheila Hancock and a poorly Nick Parsons who was a bloody trooper. I liked it when NP said shit, probably won't be on the radio, I said "special porridge", that might be. Best thing is the chat in the dressing room afterwards. Merton and Parsons chat about those they've worked with, comedy fanboy dream. This show is comedy history. Appearing on it every now and again is one of my absolutely favourite things about my job

Chem 2006: remember listening to it as a kid in my dad's car. Kenneth Williams...just a genius at it.

Richard: yup. He was my fave too.

Richard: Spoiler - still to manage a full minute. Doing well in one round tonight, but tripped at about 40 secs

Gary Percival: Do you practice beforehand or can you just do 'stream of consciousness'?

Richard: no real way to practise. Even if you knew subjects it wouldn't really help. Just got to launch in and hope for the best.

Fiona Plowman: when is it due to be broadcast?

Richard: Easter-ish I think

Anthony Cooke: the last time you were on I laughed so hard I nearly crashed on the M56.

Richard: I will try harder to kill you next time

Piers Cawley: I’m sure you weren’t rubbish. Can’t remember, was that your first go?

Richard: nope done about 10 now! Gets a bit easier

Peter Robinson: do you practice? If cocks is a topic you will storm it.

Richard: you can't really practise. Wouldn't even be a help if you knew subjects. Throw yourself in, hope for the best

Sierra Charlie: Are you a Merton-like fast talker; Freudesque slow, anecdotal and listy; Williams word-stretcher or your own man???

Richard: think I go quite fast. And then crash and burn. Merton is amazing

Rebecca Front: it's weirdly, unnervingly difficult, isn't it? X

Richard: getting slightly easier with time. slightly! Love it and fear it. Lovely panel tonight though. Sometimes forgot I was in it!

Rebecca: yes! I kept thinking 'ah, I love this show...', then 'oh damn, what am I supposed to do again?' Xx

Richard: I laughed more tonight than I made laughs! Still too nervous to ask Merton to be on RHLSTP to his face (have emailed his people!)

Brian: I love Josie Lawrence.

Richard: who doesn't? And she's just as lovely in real life!

January 15, 2014


In the comments to one of my posts, Dagi asked me

"What's happened to Charles Collingwood Dean?

Which other regulars (anyone who has had 10 or more appearances in the last few years) have dropped off the JAM invite list?"

On Charles Collingwood, I don't know, but his appearances have always been a bit intermittent....

2001 - 1 show.
2002 - NOTHING
2003 - 2 shows
2004 - 4 shows
2005 - NOTHING
2006 - 2 shows.
2007 - NOTHING
2008 - 1 show.
2009 - 3  shows.
2010 - 2 shows.
2011 - NOTHING
2012 - 4 shows.
2013 - NOTHING

I'm guessing he's not totally off the invite list, but perhaps not at the top of it either.

On others who have dropped off - here's a list of people who...

* have more than 10 appearances
* appeared on the programme between 2009 and 2012
* didn't appear in 2013 (and also not so far in 2014)

Tim Rice, Kit Hesketh-Harvey, Ross Noble, Stephen Fry, Chris Neill, Charles Collingwood, Shappi Khorsandi.

Some pretty good players there! I've seen Chris Neill write that he has been dropped from the programme and I'll be slightly surprised if Tim Rice or Kit Hesketh-Harvey are on again. But I imagine the producers would love to have Ross Noble and Stephen Fry back, and I expect to hear Shappi again too.

panel news

The panel for the JAMs recorded earlier this week was Paul Merton, Tony Hawks, Gyles Brandreth and Fi Glover. My friend Keith says Fi was overwhelmed as she was last time she was on. Last time she was on with the high-powered team of Paul, Sue Perkins and Stephen Fry, and this time it wasnt much éasier for her.

For those like me who are stats nerds, it will be the first time in two and a half years that Paul and Tony have been on a radio show together (they were together on TV editions two years ago).

The next recording is on Saturday.