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January 15, 2014


In the comments to one of my posts, Dagi asked me

"What's happened to Charles Collingwood Dean?

Which other regulars (anyone who has had 10 or more appearances in the last few years) have dropped off the JAM invite list?"

On Charles Collingwood, I don't know, but his appearances have always been a bit intermittent....

2001 - 1 show.
2002 - NOTHING
2003 - 2 shows
2004 - 4 shows
2005 - NOTHING
2006 - 2 shows.
2007 - NOTHING
2008 - 1 show.
2009 - 3  shows.
2010 - 2 shows.
2011 - NOTHING
2012 - 4 shows.
2013 - NOTHING

I'm guessing he's not totally off the invite list, but perhaps not at the top of it either.

On others who have dropped off - here's a list of people who...

* have more than 10 appearances
* appeared on the programme between 2009 and 2012
* didn't appear in 2013 (and also not so far in 2014)

Tim Rice, Kit Hesketh-Harvey, Ross Noble, Stephen Fry, Chris Neill, Charles Collingwood, Shappi Khorsandi.

Some pretty good players there! I've seen Chris Neill write that he has been dropped from the programme and I'll be slightly surprised if Tim Rice or Kit Hesketh-Harvey are on again. But I imagine the producers would love to have Ross Noble and Stephen Fry back, and I expect to hear Shappi again too.


Blogger Morricone1900 said...

I've always thought Kit Hesketh-Harvey was extremely entertaining on the program. I don't know why they wouldn't invite him back. He's an odd duck, admittedly, but his vocabulary and ability to riff in the spirit of the game has been very good for years.

10:57 am  

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