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March 19, 2006

Janet farewelled

The current season ended with tribute being paid to Janet Staplehurst who is giving up the whistle as has been mentioned here.

The only other time a tribute has been paid to a departing member was Derek Nimmo whose death mid-season led to the next show being dedicated to him. I wondered if some thing similar might be done for Linda Smith but it wasn't.

Of course the tributes underlined that the JAM regulars are a happy team, and obviously enjoy being with their producer and production assistant. I think they have also had the same sound engineer, Martha (sorry I don't know her surname) for many years.

I understand that preparations are already under way for JAM's 40th - which is almost two years away. That suggests that Claire Jones is staying on. She's certainly had a long run - she has now produced 116 editions - second only to David Hatch on 165. If she is still there at the beginning of 2007 she will be only a few shows behind David.

She had to pick things up after the death of Peter Jones and Derek Nimmo within a year. She's done amazingly well.


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