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August 18, 2006


The team for one of the shows at Edinburgh was Paul, Clement, Pauline McLynn and Owen O'Neill. I thought Owen was one of the weaker guests of recent times. Pauline was okay - hopefully she'll get involved more and it doesn't just become the Paul and Clement show.

The first Edinburgh show is being broacast this Monday.

It's a safe bet that the panel will include Paul, Clement and two different people - one of whom will be a debutant.

Pauline is the first person since Paul Merton to do three shows in their first season (excluding the ITV version of the game). She's also only the second woman to appear in an Edinburgh show - Jenny Eclair in 2001 is her only predecessor.

These Edinburgh shows will be the 29th and 30th from the Fringe.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you seem so caught up in the statistics and numbers, which seems to me to be the exact opposite of the spirit of the show... NP never gives out the final numerical score, since he knows it's irrelevant. It's not about the winning so much as it is about the show.

But you don't address the important part: the humor, the jokes, the quippy wit. These, not the stats, are what make the show interesting. No one cares who has been on how many times, or even who wins. We only care really about the fun.

It's a shame, I think, you've spent so much time that could have been better spent.

7:12 pm  
Blogger Dean said...

Well I think that with close to 700 transcripts, there's plenty on the humour of the show!

I am interested in the stats too though - I think I have time for both.

best, Dean

4:54 am  

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