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January 10, 2007

Bangalore folk - a message from Nicholas!

Nicholas Parsons has sent me a message which he's asked me to post on the site.

He recently went to Bangalore in India as part of a TV doco on quizzes. He went there to talk to JAM fans there. He says they called themselves "jammers" and love actually playing the game. Anyway Nicholas wanted to say hello to the jammers and say he enjoyed meeting them very much.

I know there are a lot of Indian fans of the show - if any of you read the blog, please post about your meeting with Nicholas and how your JAM competitions are going.



Blogger Susa said...

Just came across your blog and noticed this post. I am from Bangalore, and even after quite a bit of searching, couldnt find jam club here, so me and a friend actually started one! Its an open club, and there's been fair response from Bangalore so far. Would love it if you drop by our blog at http://bangjam.wordpress.com


3:59 am  

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