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January 05, 2007

Further thoughts on the season debut

I had another listen and I thought it was better than on my first hearing. Paul was the star - he always is these days. But I thought Chris Neill was very good too.

Chris has an interesting style. He sounds a little like the great Kenneth - and obviously has a camp style like his. But there is something of Peter Jones in him. He likes to poke fun at the show, and the others and his one-liners in reponse to something someone has said are often high points of the show. I like the way he intercats with the others - this is really the key to the show in my view, how do the panellists interact? He does this very well.

But what I don't like about him is that when he gets the subject, he usually puts out two sentences and one punchline and then stops rather than even try to play the game. I think he's sharp enough on the challenge, and loquacious enough to win a game or two. Amd I'd like him to, it's dull when Paul wins every time. Hopefully he'll win next time.

I liked Greg Proops too. Of course he only spends half his time in the UK, but I think he would be worthwhile to have more often. I loved him on Whose Line. I think he needs to relax a little.

So a very good debut. I'm looking forward to Kit Hesketh-Harvey next week.

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