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February 10, 2007

Sir Clement Freud on slang

I've found it a bit late but it's very amusing - the great man on the BBC's Today programme last October. He's talking about why people in public life shouldn't use slang. Scroll down to 0740.

An example

JOHN HUMPHRYS: You can hardly imagine some of our great former Foreign Secretaries for instance using that kind of language, can you?

CLEMENT FREUD: Remind me of our great Foreign Secretaries...

Among the phrases you can hear Sir Clement utter in his unique deadpan style are "cool", "sucks" and "my arse!" And he ends up deviating on to how to cook eggs.

You gotta love 'im!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

More Clement... You can listen to the following on BBC7:

Broadcast on BBC7 - Wed 07 Feb - 18:00 Sir Clement Freud: An all-rounder Sir Clement looks back on life.


5:22 am  

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