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April 08, 2007

More more more

I've often wondered in these days when you can buy TV DVD sets with as many as 24 hour-long programmes in the package - the BBC just gives you two hours worth of material on their radio CDs. Why not distribute the entire season - or even put out the entire audio history of JAM. If you can put out the entire MASH series in a package, why not the entire JAM series?

Well a step in the right direction - and the first sign of anniversary material coming out. The BBC is putting out an anniversary edition gift pack with 16 eppies included. They're the shows on the four Just A Classic Minute sets, which have already been published - but still a healthy sign.

See the link here.

How about this for a cast... Nicholas Parsons (including one show as a panellist), Sir Clement Freud, Kenneth Williams (including one show as chairman), Peter Jones, Derek Nimmo, Paul Merton, Wendy Richard, Stephen Fry, Sheila Hancock, Geraldine Jones, Sir Tim Rice, Alfred Marks, John Junkin, Richard Murdoch, Lance Percival, Barry Took, Ray Alan, Peter Cook, Maureen Lipman, Victoria Wood, Jan Ravens, Thora Hird, Tommy Trinder and Bob Monkhouse.

Sounds amusing.


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