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February 27, 2007

this week's show

Second run for Clement Freud, Gyles Brandreth, Marcus Brigstocke and Pauline McLynn, coming from the Mermaid Theatre - I'm alays curious to see this - maybe next time I am in London.

Gyles starts on "white elephants", and he's going into something about their history. Clement challenges and now Gyles argues whether Thailand and Siam are the same place - Gyles gloating he almost got away with it, he says Nicholas has fear on his face.

Now Gyles on about his brightly coloured jerseys - Marcus getting in for the first time, now Pauline wins a challenge. And another challenge and a bonus point and - she's in the lead! Pauline: "I think everybody's house is full of white elephants..." Marcus: "You'd have to have an enormous house..."

And she goes further in the lead at points are dished out like confetti.

Marcus starts with "holiday snaps". Taking up from the previous round where they doubted he had ridden a white elephant, he says he wished he kept his holiday snaps with him. It's always great to get a running joke going! Gyles stopped soonish - he's not quite as fluent as usual. Marcus becoming a great challenger - he really seems to enjoy the pedantic side of the game as well as being very very funny. "More Marcus" shouts the crowd! Clement challenges after a long silence - "I just wanted to say hello". And Marcus gets the whistle and is back in the lead.

Pauline kicks off on "last man standing". She is quite fluent though there aren't many good lines so far. Oh now she's getting rude, ooohh errr! Gyles now talkinga bout standing on the tube, I keep waiting for some good lines but there aren't that many.

Clement begins with "three of a kind", mentions it's a poker term. Gyles has it now taking about Ophelia Balls - a laugh goes through the auditorium. Clement back on to cards. Marcus challenges and is physically attacked by Clement! That would be a sight to see. Clement says "triplets, one of which could be identical..." Marcus questions whether one person can be identical... Nicholas says "one could be identical to one of the other two.." Oh dear, sounds like another "herbaceous border" incident. Marcus gets more and more incredulous. Paul Merton will be splitting his sides if he is listening. Nicholas asks the audience to decide - it's been a while since he's done that. They side with Marcus.

If Marcus wins he will be second only to Paul as the winningest player of the game. He certainly knows how to argue his case.

Gyles starts with "my greatest extravagance" - does his hair routine which we've heard a few times but is very clever.

And it's into the last round - as we start it's close, Pauline fourth, one point behind Clement, and two behind Marcus and Gyles together.

Marcus starts on "dear diary", says 40 quid is quite dear. He suggests someone like Clement would be more interesting in the diary - Clement agrees. Pauline says she writes hers while she is very very drunk - oh dear. Gyles flattering Pauline, says there is an erotic charge between them - Marcus suggests they get a room! Gyles reaches the whistle, he's dome quite well.

Pauline finishes in fourth place, Clement in third, and Marcus and Gyles are equal winners again!

That had its moments. Marcus was good. The others not quite so good. But all okay.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Marcus has really started to come into his own, and I'm quite happy about that. The argument he has with Nicholas about the triplets and the identical stuff, my God it was another 'herbacious border' moment, it goes right up there alongside that nonsense about televisions and transvestites. it was great stuff. I loved it!

12:37 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah I think Marcus Brigstocke has found a way to play the game that suits him. I hope we hear a lot more from him soon :o)

7:07 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always enjoyed hearing Marcus Brigstocke on the show and knew the boy had potential. :) and he has displayed that potential most admirably.

from the first time I heard him alongside Rob Brdyon at the Edinburgh Fringe, I knew he would go far with the show.

*knocks wood* so far, so good. :)

5:47 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brigstocke is excellent, but I do wish Pauline McLynn would shut up. I liked Mrs Doyle but she totally ruins JAM for me. For God's sake shut up! You don't *have* to comment on every challenge. Shut the &(%*^ up!

1:27 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

with regards to Pauline, I would rather she actually speak as opposed to other panelists who don't say anything even when they have the subject.

7:28 am  

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