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July 29, 2007

Paul's new TV job?

This from Chortle

Paul Merton is set to star in a new ITV1 improv show called Thank God You're Here.

The comic is working on a pilot of the show, based on an Australian original, alongside Steve Punt.

In the show, four guest comedians walk through a door into an unknown scenario, where they are greeted by the phrase, ‘Thank God you're here’ and have to ad lib their way through the scene.

Merton came to prominence on Channel 4 improv show Whose Line is It Anyway?, and is still a regular member of the Comedy Store Players, performing most Sundays at the London venues.

The pilot is being made by independent producer Talkback Thames, and follows a US remake for NBC, which was taken off air after just a few episodes.

It is not yet known whether Merton would host the show or be a regular improv performer.


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