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July 17, 2007

Today's show

Today's show was top-rank. The thing that always makes the show is good banter and repartee between the panellists and today's was top quality.

Pam Ayres was very very good. I think she was as funny as she has ever been on the show. More more more!

I've said before that Maureen Lipman should have been asked back - and she proved it again. She is a great support player, she's feisty and competitive, and funny. I like her. Again, more more more!

I thought Dara was also as good as he has ever been. I loved him shouting "I hate this game!" He is never going to be especially good at the game but he is funny when he has the subject and in the banter.

And Paul, well, I felt he lifted himself when he heard the others getting laughs, and gave a great performance. He holds the show together really and jumps in when things are getting dull. He's a champ.

That was a very very strong debut.

Note that only Paul of the panel appeared last season - making it 19 performers in 11 shows, or seven recordings. That's a lot of variety - and certainly today Tilusha's team worked really well.

And a new whistle blower. Farewell, Charlotte, welcome Julie.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

just finished this show, and the standards continue to improve under the direction of Tilusha Ghelani.

it's great having the return of Maureen Lipman, Pam Ayres and Dara O'Briain, as well as Paul Merton, all of whom are my favorites within the show.

I don't need to mention the chairman, since my feelings about the ol' buffer have been well and truly established, so I'll ignore him and talk about the performers.

except to ask what in the blue hell is 'bazonkers'?

And when all of a sudden has it become a rule that people are no longer allowed to 'ride the laughs'? people were given that latitude back in the 90's, but now according to Nicholas 'you're not allowed to ride your laughs because it's hesitation', this is a very interesting new rule that's come up I must say.

although I must admit to actually liking Nicholas' more befuddled manner of speaking in that he tries to come up with sentences, fails halfway through, doesn't complete a thought, repeats words incessantly in his attempt to construct some humourous (in his mind) phrase, and never succeeds, but boy does he try. :)

even misquoting and mispronouncing names. He called someone Alderidge, which makes me wonder, was he talking about Buzz Aldrin or Neil Armstrong? And then made a total cock up of the famous 'One small step for man' line.

Not to mention Oscar Wilde's famous last words, because what Oscar actually did say as he was laying on his death bed, he looked at the wall paper in his impoverished lodgings and said 'One of us will have to go' NOT 'Either that wallpaper goes or I do'.

I love the interaction between the two ladies on the show, especially ladies of this caliber because both Ms. Lipman and Ms. Ayres are exceptionally funny as well as witty contributors to the show.

Dara, I love that Irish bloke, and at last showcasing his own particular frustration for the game itself in true JAM fashion, excellent. And also the way Dara finally found his strength in his refusal to be patronized or browbeaten by the chairman, at a boy Dara.

I love Paul's comment about hay not being on the moon, that was awesome.

the panel were excellent and in top form, which is the most important thing quite frankly.

5:29 pm  

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