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June 12, 2007

Just A Classic Minute Volume Four

I just received today the latest JAM compilation.

I'm hugely impressed. The four shows are all great - the small bit of money gets you this cast.... Clement Freud, Kenneth Williams, Peter Jones, Derek Nimmo, Paul Merton, Sheila Hancock, Wendy Richard, Stephen Fry, Richard Murdoch, Lance Percival, Jan Ravens and Tommy Trinder.

The four shows are these...

Clement, Kenneth, Derek and Sheila
Clement, Kenneth, Peter and Tommy
Clement, Wendy, Richard and Lance
Peter, Paul, Stephen and Jan

The shows selected are all very good. The one with Tommy Trinder is so damn hillarious, it just has me laughing out loud here on the nine zillionth listening.

And there are new introductions from Nicholas Parsons. You can read those by clicking on the links. I think they're especially interesting and the best he has done.

Thoughts for next time. The cover again has a picture of Clement, Kenneth, Derek, Nicholas and Ian Messiter. I know Ian is important - but what about including the great man, Peter Jones, next time?

And as good as Nicholas's reminscences are - he's useless on the history stuff but he always is - maybe they could give Clement a go at this next time? Or even someone different for each show? It's a thought anyway.

But I can't recommend that you buy this too highly.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, it would be nice if someone else spoke about some of these shows aside from Nicholas.

5:22 am  

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