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January 01, 2008

JAM special

I loved it.

Lots of great bits, even a couple I didn't remember hearing before! A good mix of the old and the new. I also liked the new bits of people talking about the show. Paul, Graham, Julian, Chris Neill and of course Nicholas were all great though I didn't quite get Gyles and whether he was trying to make a joke or was actually telling a true tale.

Lovely to hear Linda Smith in great form again. We still miss her.

I would have liked a bit of Aimi Macdonald in there somewhere - but who could complain too much. Carol Smith and Tilusha Ghelani - take a bow.

And next week we get back Nicholas, Clement, Paul, Chris, and of course Josie Lawrence. Something to look forward to!

I can't wait to transcribe it now! (Though I still have a few from last season to do.)


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