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March 16, 2008

Kenneth Williams book

The great man is - apparently - the subject of a new book. Remembered Laughter is written by James Ruddick, who describes himself as an investigative journalist. His website says he finished writing the book in 2006 and his website features the book cover with Kenny looking brooding and handsome.

Kenny's fans are promised an explanation of his career and life - just how did the classically trained actor end up as a camp turn on chat shows and panel games? Why could a man so in search of love never commit himself to anyone else?

The only biography so far on Kenneth was written a year after his death and without the benefit of his letters and diaries. The book promises new revelations from unpublished letters and diary extracts.

Nevertheless it's not yet on the market as far as I can see. The writer's website links to Amazon but clicking that link takes you nowhere.

I feel Kenneth deserves a better book than the one so far. His life remains something of a mystery and certainly his death deserves some scrutiny from an investigative journalist. I hope the book does hit the market.

Maybe it's due for publication in conjunction with the 20th anniversary of Kenneth's death, which is next month.


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