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July 29, 2008

Opening salvo

That was classic JAM.

The opening show of the season saw the show in top form. I'd have been delighted with that if I was Tilusha Ghelani.

Nicholas seemed great - responding to the banter both more often and better than he usually does. He responded to the slightly tired joke where someone puts on a nursey voice and says "would you like your tea now" as if he was losing his marbles, by asking "do you want a punch?" And later on when Paul jokingly suggested they try the show without challenges, he quipped back that Paul would have to be funnier if they did. That was a good enough barb to end that exchange, and it's not often someone gets the last word on Paul in repartee.

Clement was funnier too than usual and led for most of the show. Ross Noble was back for the first time in two years and was great - funny, competitive, inventive, great on the banter and within the game. It's so disappointing that we can't have him on more often - if anyone would make a great match for Paul, it would be Ross. He ended up equal winner with Clement.

Paul was great as always - and although he found it hard to get a word in, Phill Jupitus was very good too.

An especially good show.


Blogger Andrew Sherman said...

That was a fantastic show, as good as any I have heard. Nicholas must indeed have been drinking espresso.

3:43 am  

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