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December 02, 2008

Doctor Who?

For those who don't know, Doctor Who is a kidult sci-fi series that ran on the BBC from 1963 to 1985. It was brought back by the BBC in 2004 to great acclaim, and is a big hit these days. Over the years 10 actors have played the title role (the Doctor regenerates which is his version of plastic surgery) and "who" the new Doctor might be is a great subject for speculation at the moment.

As always there's a long list of possibilities and people are expecting a radical change this time. So far all the Doctors have been white blokes though there has been variety in age and accent. The current favourite seems to be Paterson Joseph who is black, though David Morrissey's chances are also being talked up.

My reason for raising this here is that a group is trying to promote the idea of a woman as the doctor. Specifically the list of possibilities includes Jenny Eclair and Sandi Toksvig!

A woman doctor would be a departure. I do like the idea of Sandi as Doctor Who. It would be fun to see Sandi as an action hero as she is not only female, but - let's be blunt about it and I can say this as I am too - short and a bit fat. Jenny I'm less sure about as an action hero.

I'll tell you who I would like to see in the role - Ross Noble. Now that would be great.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm an American with only dim memories of the original show in the 1970s so I haven't seen the new one. I can't imagine a comedienne on it - a woman would be fine, but unless the new version is more self-consciously camp, it would seem to require a serious legit actress.

10:54 am  
Blogger Curly said...

Sandi has a matronly quality about her that would actually work brilliantly in the context of a female Doctor. Ross Noble would, in fact be just as excellent as Bill Bailey, for whom JAM wasn't the best forum for his comedy paradigm, but would fit the mold of eccentric eccentricity perfectly.

6:41 pm  

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