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January 27, 2009

Sue me - I like her

Sue Perkins was great today.

Now that was a very funny show I thought, but Sue held it together.

It's not just that she won for the first time, although that is at least a sign of someone making a big contribution. But she was so funny as well and did so well in the repartee. She dominated Paul Merton and that is a rare thing.

I think we should be hearing her a lot more frequently. She is someone that could (in a Paul-like way) hold a show together because of her ability to improvise and the sharpness of her mind.

Mind you, I thought Paul was good too. He had some good lines and did you notice him doing the old Kenneth Williams trick of putting on a funny voice to disguise the fact that what he was saying wasn't especially funny. Very good.

Gyles was also funny although some of the routines - looking in the mirror, goose her and she livens up no end, Swiss kiss - are now getting a bit familiar. But he still has a quick wit and is different.

Liza didn't speak on a subject in the loast 10 minutes. I'm told she won the second recording so there must have been something in the half-time oranges.

But Sue Perkins was great. More please.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was wondering whether Lisa was asleep or something.

9:49 pm  

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