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February 15, 2009

BBC What's On Listings

There's been a problem for a few days where the listings don't link to programme pages. It's the sort of thing you might think reasonably easy to fix, but it's now been that way for about a week.

But here's the listing for JAM this week on this page -

Just a Minute
16 February 2009
Nicholas Parsons chairs the devious word game, with panellists Paul Merton, Chris Neill, Justin Moorhouse and Tony Parks.

Tony Parks? A new voice?

Well, no - actually it should read Tony Hawks.

Does anyone in the Light Ent section at the Beeb ever read these things and try to get them sorted... It's just so... lame...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

See.... told you the listings prog got the (incorrect) details from the BBC! :-)

2:15 am  

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