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May 15, 2009

JAM Gets Animated

Interesting - this from Broadcast Now

Just a Minute gets animated in BBC comedy site refresh

Flights of fancy from BBC Radio 4's panel game Just a Minute are to be given an animated spin on the BBC's new-look comedy website – part of a major move towards web-only comedy commissions.
Comedy indie Angel Eye has asked animators to illustrate monologues by panellists such as Paul Merton and the late Clement Freud, with a brief to reflect the often surreal avenues taken.
At least one of these will appear on a beta version of the relaunched bbc.co.uk/comedy site this week, and further animations for Radio 4's That Mitchell and Webb Sound's sketches are planned for the site's full launch in the autumn.
BBC 6 Music DJ and comedian Adam Buxton will provide sketches and songs, kicking off with a re-voiced set of Eurovision songs. Down the Line's Rhys Thomas and Simon Day are penning a series of character-based blogs.
The site will mix web-only content from up-and-coming and established comedians with material linked to TV and radio shows, including BBC2's forthcoming Psychoville and the second series of BBC3's How Not to Live Your Life.
Indies providing content at beta stage include Monkey Kingdom, making 27 sketches filmed from the point of view of a cashpoint machine, and Hat Trick, which is producing a teletext parody, Cfkd.
BBC multiplatform commissioning executive Martin Trickey said an in-house team was looking to work with performers who did not have links with indies, such as sketch troupe Broken Biscuits and animator David Firth.
"It's an opportunity to break new talent and bring TV audiences to new material, as well as letting big names try things they've never done before," he said.
Commissions, determined by Trickey and commissioners Simon Lupton and Rebecca Papworth, will largely be short sketches in batches of six to 10, with budgets set at £1,000 to £2,000 per minute.
The BBC is looking to partner with established comedy websites. Matt Lucas and David Walliams' Rock Profile sketches, produced for Funny or Die UK, will feature.
Selected content will also appear on YouTube, and behind the red button on digital TV sets.


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