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July 11, 2009

More on upcoming shows

Further to the post just below...

My anonymous friend has posted again linking to a BBC press release as the source for their list. Thank you for that, Mr or Ms Anonymous!

I rather think Hardeep, Janey and Suki will be among the Edinburgh teams, the first two being Scottish and Suki being a regular with Paul's Impro Chums at the Festival. Assuming that, here's my guesses for the three remaining recordings...

* (two shows) Paul Merton, Graham Norton, Gyles Brandreth, Jenny Eclair

* (two shows) Paul Merton, Sue Perkins, Stephen Fry, Charles Collingwood

* (one show) Paul Merton, Tony Hawks, Fred MacAulay, Suki Webster

* (one show) Paul Merton, Tony Hawks, Janey Godley, Hardeep Singh Kohli

Let's see how close I get!


Anonymous 1756 said...

I'm hopeful that Fry WILL attend recordings. In the past, the proposed list hasn't always been who appears. Names could change...

11:18 pm  
Anonymous 1756 said...

I'll have a guess:

(x2) Paul Merton, Tony Hawks, Jenny Eclair, Gyles Brandreth

(x2) Paul Merton, Charles Collingwood, Sue Perkins, Stephen Fry

(x1) Paul Merton, Graham Norton, Janey Godley, Suki Webster

(x1) Paul Merton, Graham Norton, Fred MacAulay, Hardeep Singh Kohli

11:30 pm  

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