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February 21, 2010

Miriam Margolyes

Have just been watching the actress Miraim Margolyes on Graham Norton's chat show. She was naughtier and funnier than Graham which is a tough challenge. One story was about how she ended up telling someone on a bus to "take your cock out of my arse!"

Miriam did a JAM way back in 1979 where she spent a great deal of time flirting with Nicholas. I guess that won't work again as she has since come out as a lesbian.

All the same I'm convinced Claire Jones should be getting on the phone to Ms Margolyes or her manager and pleading for her to come on the next show!


Anonymous 1603 said...

Nicholas Parsons cameos as Father Gorman in The Pale Horse, an adapt of the Agatha Christie book with Miss Marple shoehorned into it:


5:03 am  
Anonymous 1603 said...

^Wrong link lol.


5:04 am  

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