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July 17, 2010

new recording

The team for the show recorded on Friday night in London was Paul Merton, Graham Norton, Gyles Brandreth and Jenny Eclair.


Blogger Unknown said...

Hello Dean, Have tried to phone/text you but your number must have changed and I eventually got a phone call from an irate lady who had recieved all my texts to you.
Anyway hope this gets to you.Am up North with my family.

Have supplied some stuff for Nicholas' 2nd book of memoirs which is due in Autumn.He is going to give me a credit and mention your Welcome To Just A Minute as the fansite ofr listeners all over the world.

He has been so busy,travelling the length and breadth of England, compere-ing a tribute to musicals that the deadline for the book had to be extended twice.He is a human dynamo.Humphrey Lyttelton was a sloth compared to Our Nick !

I was meant to go to Friday's J.A.M. but got rough - looks like I missed a good show with Jenny and Graham.There's another recording at BBC Theatre on the 30th July and one more at the same place on August 4th before the Edinburgh recordings.

Nick told me that Paul is in all of them and that Graham,Sue Tony and Liza will be in the series.He also said 'The Beeb are trying to go for names...' Mmmmm ? Make of that what you will....Harry Hill ?
Rowan Atkinson ?...Robin Williams ..Kenneth's brother that is..MAybe even Aimi MacDonald...last time I spoke to her she was still eager to be on the show again..

HAsn't your Josie LAwrence been doing well .Very impressive !! As is Sue .

Nick told me that from now on there will be three series of 8 shows per year rather than 2 series of 12 shows.So keep your eyes pealed to the listings incase you miss a show.

Having a holiday for a week and a half with my folks.Needed a bloody rest .HAve been doing a lot of comedy writing and if the audience's reaction is something to go by - I think I might have struck onto something.

Hope you are well old chum and sorry for the delay.You are always in my thoughts .Please send me your address if you can with your reply - I had my bag stolen.

All the best Keith

9:40 am  
Blogger Dean said...

hey keith

i will ring you...

cheers, dean

6:22 pm  
Blogger Dean said...

Keith send me an email at dean@just-a-minute.info

if you can't email me - here's the address - 54 Chapman Street, Johnsonville, Wellington

9:30 am  

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