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November 30, 2010

getting it wrong

So often I report things I find out from the BBC and thyey prove to be wrong.

For example the BBC website was originally reporting that there would be six shows in the current season. Now they are reporting there will be eight. But I haven't yet heard of when and where the fourth recording will take place so I'm not sure what to make of that.

And at the end of last week's show, they said the panel this week would be Paul, Sheila Hancock, Ian McMillan and Jenny Eclair. Someone posted in the comments that Jenny's participatiuon seemed doubtful as she is currently doing the reality TV show I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. And the poster was proved correct - the panel today was Paul, Sheila, Ian and Gyles Brandreth.

Still, eight shows - if true - are better than six. And although I only caught the end of the programme, it sounded like Paul, Sheila and Gyles were having a lot of fun. So all good! I wonder if Jenny will be in the extra recording - if I can rely on that to be true!


Blogger Peter Katt said...

Perhaps they will broadcast the open-air editions recorded at the Edinburgh Fringe?

10:31 am  
Anonymous Sebastian X said...

The Christmas Radio Times came out early, and this series of JAM does not continue beyond the sixth show. A one-off called "Les Kelly's Heroes" replaces it on the 20th December, with a new series of 'Clue starting on the 27th.

6:11 am  

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