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March 24, 2011

homeward bound

One of the weirder statistical facts of the current season is that it is the first in 20 years to have all shows recorded in the show's central London base at Broadcasting House.

The season at the end of 2010 had one show recorded in Salford, and the (British) summer season had the Edinburgh shows. But the current season stuck to London.

Since the 1992 25th anniversary excursion to a north London school, Just A Minute has always taken the show on the road at some point in the season. It's been part of the reason why JAM has expanded its roll call of panellists - the reality that not everyone is always going to be available to travel to a venue outside London.

The reason seems to be budgetary. Staying within London means no travel costs, no overnight accomodation costs.

It also means - I reckon - that the producer is having to spend less time ringing around trying to find someone prepared to give up a couple of days to travel to and from some regional location. They can more often get exactly the team they want - I imagine.


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