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April 21, 2011


A while ago I was asked by someone how rare it was for someone to go the full minute without interruption. I told the correspondent I would do a count-up and -- I have!

Bearing in mind we are talking about someone speaking for 60 uninterrupted seconds... someone who is buzzed but resumes speaking doesn't count.

There have been 229 examples in the 44 year history of the show... here's the list. My thanks to Gary Brown for the idea.

Kenneth Williams 66
Clement Freud 30
Derek Nimmo 23
Peter Jones 21
Paul Merton 14
Sue Perkins 6
Gyles Brandreth, Sheila Hancock 5
Pam Ayres, Janet Brown, Graham Norton 4
Ross Noble, Linda Smith 3
Ray Alan, Julian Clary, Jenny Éclair, Graeme Garden, Tony Hawks, Aimi Macdonald 2
Isla Blair, Marcus Brigstocke, Rob Brydon, Charles Collingwood, Peter Cook, Kevin Eldon, Kenny Everett, Fenella Fielding, Liz Fraser, Stephen Fry, Jeremy Hardy, Kit Hesketh-Harvey, Thora Hird, Martin Jarvis, John Junkin, Helen Lederer, Fred MacAulay, Betty Marsden, Andree Melly, Patrick Moore, Richard Morton, Richard Murdoch, Nicholas Parsons, Wendy Richard, Victor Spinetti, Liza Tarbuck, Christopher Timothy, Joan Turner, Stanley Unwin, Katharine Whitehorn, June Whitfield 1


Blogger Curly said...

Sue Perkins's high ranking on that list got me wondering: outside the original four, how would this list look if you ranked them by the ratio of complete minutes to number of appearances? This would make for an interesting comparison of the gift of the gab, if only in one narrow way.

5:47 pm  
Blogger Dean said...

You can sort of do that just by looking at the list. I did think about doing that but came to the conclusion it wouold be hard to get the minimum level right for a meaningful figure. For example Janet Brown was clearly being let go, because she was doing her impressions. But then again, Peter Jones in particular also got the help of the others. How do you allow for that?

3:17 pm  

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