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September 06, 2011

JAM cartoon!

Here's the cover of the new JAM CD - The Classic Collection.

Still no info on the shows included - but what a wonderful cover! And note it says 22 shows are to be included - will they be from previous collections or shows not previously released? I hope the latter!

The Best of 2011 will also be released at the same time and will feature shows with

* Paul Merton, Tony Hawks, Ross Noble and Liza Tarbuck.

* Paul, Graham Norton, Julian Clary and Terry Wogan.

* Paul, Gyles Brandreth, Shappi Khorsandi and Rick Wakeman.

* Paul, Sue Perkins, Stephen Fry and Fi Glover.

In other news, the team for the fvirst recording of the next season, due to start in November, was Paul, Sue, Julian and Charles Collingwood.


Blogger antster1983 said...

Finally, they acknowledge the existence of the forum's favourite player Peter Jones and incorporate him in to the cartoon! Hurray! :oD

7:53 pm  
Anonymous KEITH said...

Hello Dean, Really loved the recent series of JAM.Russell Kane has been a real find. So enthusiastic as a player and like Julian Clary - you never know what is going to come out of his mouth.Won on his first attempt - a small band of very special players that. Miles Jupp did well to win on his second show.He has a lugubriousness about him that is reminiscent of Freud. Glad that there was a balance between talkers and challengers and that the naturally harsh gamesmanship didn't spoil the fun. Kane and Jupp may not get a recall until Telusha produces again in two series time.This series also shows that the show can exist if Paul misses a couple of recordings. The dates are set for the next two double recordings. Nicholas has just got back from performing on his regular cruise. Hope you are happy and well. Love Keith

6:44 am  
Anonymous KEITH said...

Dean here is the small list of first time winners.Excluding the 11 women whose debut recordings we have not heard (Betty Marsden, Elizabeth Beresford,Isobel Barnett, Bettine Le Beau, Andree Melly,Prunella Scales, Marjorie Proops,Millie Small,Charmian Innes,Eleanor Summerfield and Juno Alexander )...There are 21 people.12 on radio are...
1967 Derek Nimmo.
1968 Lucy Bartlett.
1968 Nicholas Parsons.
1979 Tim Brooke Taylor.
1980 Tim Rice.
1982 Brian Johnston.
1982 Libby Purves.
1982 Gyles Brandreth.
1982 Victoria Wood.
1983 Jeremy Beadle.
1983 Jan Ravens.
1993 Richard Morton.
1999 Linda Smith.
2011 Russell Kane.

On TV in 1994 - Mariella Frostrup, Ann Bryson, Neil Mullarkey,Jo Brand and Ted Robbins were added to this list.
On TV in 1995 Dale Winton was added to this list.
On TV in 1999 John Sargeant was added to this list.

Of the 11 women whose debut show's we have not heard it is only most likely that Andree Melly, Betty Marsden and Charmian Innes may have won, since they are the only 3 guests invited back.
Hope you can use this list because it is quite important to the show's history.
Lots of love Keith X

8:20 am  

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