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November 15, 2011

first TV panel

The first show recorded featured Paul Merton, Tony Hawks, Graham Norton and Sue Perkins.

then for the second show they had Paul, Graham, Sue and Phill Jupitus.

The reaction I've heard has been that these were two very funny shows and the signs that they are going to use people who know how the game works are very promising.

I'm particularly pleased Graham is doing at least a couple of shows and maybe more as he is one who could surely attract new viewers.

A very good start!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talusha was around in the BBC studio.In the audience were both of Ian Messiter's children. I said "You're father would be so proud!" She replied" It's almost 11 years to the day that he passed away." The set is slightly gothic with a touch of art nouveau. Tastefully lit in light blue and purple.Some subjects were My 45th Birthday, William The Conqueror, 1967, My First Celebrity Crush and What I Do When People Aren't Looking.Nichlas' entrance got a standing ovation.A teabell rings when it's time for the last subject.Over 15,000 put in for tickets.Only one person in the audience had never listened to the show.All were on form. Phill had a joke strop and left the stage - probably becuase he had tough opposition.I think they will be changing one person each recording.In between Nick,Paul,Sue and Graham changed clothes and those in front changed seats.7 cameras inc. one overhead and one hand-held which gets audience and reaction shots.There should be some of me- 3 times it was in front of me.Recorded 45 minutes each show.Well balanced show with everyone getting a bite of the comic cherry.Sue slipped up and called bell bottoms bell ends!

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