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March 26, 2012

Sticky Moments

Back in the late 80s my first sighting of Julian Clary was on the cult classic Sticky Moments. A take-off of the game show format, the programme broke new ground in many ways, especially with the reversal of the view that homosexuality was something to be pitied. A running joke had Julian commiserating with pianist Russell Churney about his heterosexuality.

The double entendres and general naughtiness has been much copied since, especially by Graham Norton in the early days of his chat show, and it doesn't seem quite as daring today as it did at the time. But at the time it was a revelation. In New Zealand, it was only a couple of years after homosexual sex was decriminalised and to that point gay people on TV were closetted characters where their sexuality was implied rather than explicit such as Mr Humphries on Are You Being Served. It was a breath of fresh air to see someone revelling in their sexuality as Julian does.

For JAM fans, the programme was conceived by Julian, but principally by Paul Merton. I think this was the first TV show he was heavily involved in.

I mention all this because most of the shows have turned up on YouTube and they are still deliciously funny. This show here features Nicholas Parsons as guest and although JAM is not mentioned it's surely not coincidental that the pianist plays The Minute Waltz.

All the shows can be viewed here. Funny stuff and dare I say, still the best thing that Julian has done in his career in my opinion.


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