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March 31, 2012

A twitter exchange :)

Josie Lawrence‏@josielawrence1
Thanks for the lovely comments about Just A Minute. Love doing that show & sitting next to my chum Paul made it all the more special.

Dean Bedford‏@DeanJBedford
@josielawrence1 you're great on JAM - loved yr two recent radio editions of JAM

Josie Lawrence‏@josielawrence1
@DeanJBedford Thank you Dean. Love your JAM blogs. x


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello Dean, Thankyou so much for putting the tv Just A Minute's on your website. I managed to get to 4 of the tv recordings but work prevented me from seeing the others. I have been happily laughing with my co-workers at the first week of shows panelists antics.

All of the guests contributed well to the shows. Ruth Jones deserves to be invited back. The team she was up against like most J.A.M. regulars now scramble for points and pounce on the repeated words as soon as they have left the speaker's mouth. It takes newbies these days several shows worth of up against it point grabbing before they can develop their own talking style that they feel comfortable with. She didn't kowtow to them and there was obviously a lot of fight there.Liza took about ten years before she won a game of J.A.M. I'm not bitching but just proving a point on how long it can take to win at the game. Poor Russell Tovey - out of his depths.

Loved Julian's performance immensely. One of his best. Sue and Josie did very well.It's been a good week for the women of JAM - they've won three games out of five. Two of those have been by Sue Perkins.

My one thing is that amongst the regulars there is not a professional bumbler - a player who we know is going to fall apart and get flustered. Someone on a par with Peter Jones.The game is so now geared to success and the obsession with speaking fluently that it resembles the radio version when Kenneth, Derek and Clement.It was like three sharks in a tank.

Then as we know Derek had filming to complete - along came Peter Jones and the game became more human as we heard this brilliantly funny man attempt again and again at talking for sixty seconds and failing.Sanity prevailed and he became a regular and the rest is history.

I love Paul Merton deeply - he has kept the show young and funny but I think it's time to have 3 or 4 more people who appear at least in two double recordings each series.
The reliance on one regular is too much of a strain on Paul. If he missed one double recording each series then he wouldn't have the audience groaning when he makes a correct challenge.He is brilliant at the game. But the show needs to have the deck shuffled. I don't know whether it is the lack of money that prevents players from commiting themselves to panel game regularity. I would certainly nominate Graham, Julian, Gyles, Sue and Jenny to be part of the semi-regular team. They have strong support from Kit, Tony, Ross,Marcus,Sheila,Stephen,Josie,
Pam and Liza.

Better subjects - possibly funny sentances, rather than one or two words. Before the recording of each new series the producers should make a plea for listeners to send in subjects. (as they do on J.A.M.'s Swedish version Pa Minuten. The prize for those subjects chosen can be two seats to see the show recorded. Nicholas doesn't have to mention who sent in the subjects if they think that it will stop the flow of the show, but it will certainly allow the listeners/viewers an opportunity to add their creativity to the show they have loved loyally for 45 years.

I still think there should be a one off all women panel for Just A Minute and I know I will bang on about it till my last breath.

Anyway I have enjoyed this celebration of it's 45th year and certainly think that J.A.M.can be appreciated on t.v and radio. For all the fans I have spoken to - they have said they loved it and want to see more.

Thankyou so much Dean,
Lots of love

6:31 am  

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