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June 24, 2012

praise from high places

Look who is a fan of Just A Minute...??? from the Guardian

Aung San Suu Kyi's praise for the BBC World Service was not without qualification. She said the global broadcaster, which has had to make big cuts after its funding was slashed by the government, was "not as versatile as it used to be". "There used to be so many different programmes on," she added, namechecking Just a Minute, Bookshelf and of course Dave Lee Travis's Jolly Good Show. "I miss the old programmes, are they still on the World Service?" The BBC's director, global news Peter Horrocks, caught on this BBC News clip, does not appear entirely comfortable with the question. "Some of them are, not all of them," he replied. "You see what I mean by saying it's not what I used to be!" responded Suu Kyi. The campaign to bring back Bookshelf starts now.


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