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June 05, 2012

the season so far

With four of six shows gone, I thought I should write something on the season.

After the  high profile of the TV shows, it has seemed a little low-key... or is it just me? The two shows with Paul, Sue, Julian and Greg Proops were both very funny. The best show so far this season was the one with Paul, Graham and Gyles - probably the three best players all-round of the current regular and semi-regulars.

The show today with Tony, Jenny, Richard Herring and Paul Sinha had a different feel as Richard says in his blog. He thinks Paul and Sue make things more competitive. The show today was quite competitive too - even Richard was challenging on repetition of "you" but still there did seem to be a different tone. I thought both Paul and Richard were better than I expected but still neither was quite so good that you would say they should have got a run ahead of many others or that they would be top of the list for another run soon.

Each of the shows have included players that have yet to be a real success on the show. Greg Proops has now done 11 shows, and I am a big fan, but it seems the format doesn't work for him. I also enjoyed Alun Cochrane's stand-up show last year and he seems keen and can be funny but just isn't enough of a player I think.

Good shows and many laughs though.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Paul Merton is sort of an anchor, and when he's absent the episode tends to drift or be dominated by another strong performer (e.g. Gyles). This last one drifted.

3:07 pm  

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