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August 16, 2012

statistical oddities

in the show this week both Pam Ayres and Charles Collingwood went the full 60. Although not unprecedented by any means, in these competitive days it is less frequent than it was.

Pam Ayres has now gone the full minute uninterrupted 5 times, which is a very good performance from her in just 17 shows. The only ones to have done it more often are the five regulars - Clement Freud, Peter Jones, Paul Merton, Derek Nimmo and Kenneth Williams - plus Sue Perkins.

Speaking of which she brings up 50 shows this season - and Paul brings up 300! After that he moves up past the other regulars. In two or three years he should pass Kenneth Williams and be second only to the great Clement Freud.

Final stats point - Paul Merton is not winning as often as he used. He may soon drop below 60 percent. I think he definitely dominates less than he used to. You may or may not think that a good thing...


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