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September 08, 2012


JAM semi-regular JULIAN CLARY has won Celebrity Big Brother!

Here's Channel Five's description of his time in the house...

What a winner! Our flairy comedian pipped Loose Woman Coleen to the post and walked away with the Celebrity Big Brother 2012 crown.
Julian was rather stoical during his time in the House, keeping those pursed lips tightly closed during times of high drama, preferring to observe the crazy shenanigans from a distance, occasionally piping up with a quip when the urge overtook him. Accused of those who nominated him of being withdrawn and ice-cold, Julian may have seemed aloof to some, but he certainly made himself a handful of friends during his stay.
The best of these was Julie Goodyear. On launch night, Mr Clary made a beeline for the soap queen and it was a friendship that was set to last. The pair joined forces for the Talent Agents task and spent a spell in a pedalo together for Big Spenders. The former Corrie star could often be found making wry observations with Julian, mainly in the bedroom where they tended to retreat away from the hubbub.
Tasks were certainly something of a strong point for Julian, both comically and physically. He and Coleen entertained the television audience during the BBTV shopping channel task. Particualr highlights included the edible pants and facemask episodes. Jules also triumphed during Hello Sailor when he led his team to victory aboard the good ship Clary.
His bedtime story had the housemates in stitches and was so laden with innuendo it was a wonder he could lift the book.
Julian's other notable in-House relationship involved The Situation. The comedian and the reality star didn't gel, with Julian refusing to use Mike's nickname and preferring to call him 'The Occasional Table', delighting a large chunk of the audience. He saved a lot of his best bon mots for the Diary Room and often let Big Brother know he didn’t have much time for Samantha claiming, “she said something interesting last week.”
He came, he saw, he observed and he chucked out one-liners like there was no tomorrow. Hopefully, as he'd hoped, he widened his circle somewhat. Even if he didn’t, we enjoyed watching him immensely.
What a winner!


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